243553E000 VALVE-OIL CONTROL,LH 24355-3E000 / Hyundai TG Grandeur

I took a photo of this parts as below:

Net weight(with plastic package) 0.198 kg
Gross weight(with box) 0.234 kg

In AAPEX show I heard that oil control valve is called as VVTS (Variable Valve Timing Solenoid)

One time I sent about 2000pcs of oil control valve (not exactly that part but the kinds of oil control valve) to US.
I believe it is sold in other countries as well but just a few(less than 100pcs per year mostly to Russia and Middle east ) as I check in my past data sheet – annual shipped parts.

I want to know the reason why there is such a difference of inquired quantity on each region. Somebody who knows the reason please make a comment!