273003F100 COIL ASSY-IGNITION 27300-3F100/ Kia Lotze

The below photos I took by my camera :

Net weight(with plastic package) : 0.201 kg
Gross Weight(with box) : 0.231 kg

I checked the box. It has produced by Denso Korea Automotive Corp.
As you see, this ignition coil has the carved mark – DENSO.
But not all the ignition coils have this DENSO mark. Some of them are produced by another factory or a subcontractor.

The actual manufacturer name was Poongsung. If you see the brand name DSPS – it means DENSO Poongsung.
Poongsung was 100% Korean holding company, but it became a joint ventured company by DENSO (Japan Electronics) in 1976 and The company name changed as DENSO Poongsung.

As I understand by an article,  it has been divided (1) Denso Poongsung (2) Denso Poongsung Electronics (3) Korea Denso Sales
In 2013 the name has been changed again.
(1) Denso Poongsung -> ” Denso Korea Automotive Corp.”
(2) Denso Poongsung Electronics  -> “Denso Korea Electronics Corp.”
(3) Korea Denso Sales -> “Denso International Korea Corp.”

And currently, 2nd of July 2018, they merged the 3 companies and the final name of the company become – “DENSO Korea”

Personally I feel sorry about it. 😦
The most of good Korean companies has been merged or sold by the global companies when Korea had IMF.
And now nobody knows/recognizes/remember the name  “Poongsung”, but DENSO (which is Japanese brand) will remain, even products are made in Korea.
PH(Pyeong Hwa) Valeo is also in same situation. Valeo has more name value.

Do you know any other Korean brand which has a similar story?
😉 Comment please ~