4270039055 SWITCH-INHIBITOR 42700-39055 / Hyundai Sonata EF

I took the below photo on my office desk:

Net weight (with plastic package) : 0.114kg
Gross weight (with box) : 0.137kg

Switch Inhibitor. I did not know but it was related with auto transmission parts!
Someone told me it comes only with auto transmission.

So I googled : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_transmission

“Use a test lamp to check that there is a power supply to the inhibitor. Most automatic transmissions are fitted with an inhibitor switch which lets you start the engine only when the transmission is in the ‘neutral’ or ‘park’ positions — often the switch includes an additional set of contacts for the reversing lights.”


even I’m selling this part to overseas many times, I did not know about each part. I believe many of Korean auto parts seller don’t know what a part is for, like me. So this blogging is very worthy for me to learn more about the part. I hope someone could help me up to know about auto parts better 🙂

By the way, this switch is produced by LS Automotive.
It was established at 1973 as “Dae Sung  Electric Industry”.
In 2016 the company name changed to “LS Automotive”.

As I know this company has been contracted with Hyundai group.
I never saw the own brand package of LS Automotive. Parts are packed in MOBIS or HMC/KMC package.
There are several manufacturers that they have a contract with Hyundai, so they are not allowed by Hyndai to sell their produced products under another brand except Hyundai’s. Pretty weird, ye? In Korea, Hyundai is the rule for everything in automotive field.

If anyone who saw the LS Automotive own brand package, please comment me!