4630739055 HARNESS 46307-39055 / Kia Cerato

The photos by me on my desk :

It also comes with plastic package, not box.
Weight with plastic package : 0.128kg
without plastic package : 0.122kg
Manufactured by Kyungshin ( http://www.kyungshin.co.krLocated in Songdo, Incheon city.

It has been established since 1974. It was supplying wiring harness to assemble line for “Pony” in Hyndai car factory.

(PS. WOW..Pony.. Don’t you know?)

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This company is producing wiring harness, charging coupler, connector, conventional junction block.

As I mentioned before, those kinds companies are working only with Hyndai. Almost impossible to get the parts directly from them.

However, I’m stably buying those harness by one customer request. Interesting why he is buying only those parts related with auto transmission.