Hi, everyone.

I want to check if it’s true that AAP*, CarQuest, Worldpac and Auto Parts International – are all same company. (*AAP : Advanced Auto Parts)

By KOTRA, I got the info about USA big buyers of auto parts.
1) Program Group : buying/selling/marketing auto parts jointly
ex) NAPA, Carquest, AIM/CMB
2) National Accounts :  countrywide retail shop network
ex) Advanced Auto Parts, Auto Zone, O’relly
3) Mass Market : it has an auto parts department in big department stores.
ex) Costco, Walmart

As I see they are in different categories – Carquest is in program group and AAP is in national account.
What does it mean that they are same company?
I cannot get it how it comes.
Because, actually I met each company’s buyer in aapex. AAP has a sourcing manager. And Worlpac also has a purchasing manager. Auto Parts international has a purchasing department too.
If they are doing buying/selling/marketing via program group, why they didn’t come in name of Carquest? Why each came to my booth like single different company?

Please comment if anyone knows about it.

I got an updated about it : https://koreapartsinfo.com/2018/12/18/about-advanced-auto-parts/