149558J10A VALVE ASSY-SOLENOID / Renault Samsung NS5(L43) – SM5

Net weight (without box) : 0.086kg
Gross weight (with box) : 0.094kg

P1060059.jpgThis is a part for Samsung car. Now it’s Renault Samsung.

Here is the detailed photo which I took:

It’s a solenoid valve. But there are several solenoid valve for cars, I cannot say what it is for. If someone knows where this part is installed and used for, please comment me!

By the way, Samsung car company is the same company which is producing the smart phone – Galaxy series. Samsung established a car factory in 1992 and has launched as “Samsung Jadongcha(Automobile)”  in 1995. But President Mr. Lee failed automobile business when Korea had IMF crisis. Finally Renault group bought the Samsung Jadongcha, and it became “Renault Samsung” in 1st of Sept, 2000.

Still many overseas buyers look for Korean Samsung parts, since they are matched with some of Renault cars and Nissan, Honda car as well.