599303K001 SENSOR-ABS RR WHEEL RH 59930-3K001 / Hyundai NF Sonata

Net weight (without plastic pack) : 0.094kg
Gross weight (with plastic pack) : 0.095kg


Basically without box it’s supplied.

The original manufacturer of ABS wheel sensors  is Continental, as I know.
Some are produced by Mando too in its/or subcontractor factories.

But I couldn’t see any mark on the part, any indication on the label.

Wondering where they are produced in Korea.
Anyway, you don’t have to buy Continental/Mando,
since it’s supplied quite stably. When I ordered, it arrived without missing qty.

Please comment me if you know the subcontractor of Mando.

You can also comment what kind of information you want to see in my blog 🙂