2816427800 SENSOR ASSY-AIR FLOW 28164-27800 / Kia KM(NEW SPORTAGE)

Net weight with plastic pack : 0.230kg
Gross weight with box : 0.294kg

Today I got photos of air flow sensor. Do you know what it is?
I heard that there is high demand on air flow sensor, but I got only 1 order during 5 years. When I received the part, I immediately took a photo.


If you see closely the label, you can see “made in Viet Nam”

But the producer is Hyundai Kefico, License Bosch.


Kefico is one of biggest OE manufacturers of electronic parts for Hyundai/Kia car
It produces also purge control valve and oil control valve , idle speed actuator too.
It’s actually under Hyundai Group. Since the exact name of company is “Hyundai Kefico”
You can check their web site : http://www.hyundai-kefico.com/ko/main/main/index.do

First time I saw that Kefico item which made in Viet Nam.
I think Kefico produce the certain parts in their Viet Nam factory.

And I have seen “License” mark on MOBIS parts several time.
Some oxygen sensors indicate “License Continental”
I guess the technology of making some parts are by technical cooperation with global companies.

Some Russian and Turkish buyers ask me to write in the commercial invoice
Country of Origin of each part which has been shipped from us.

But, actually it’s almost impossible because of below reasons:
1) if 10,000 various kinds parts were shipped. I cannot check one by one and see the origin.
2) Some labels don’t indicate any information of producer and origin.

If I pack only few kinds of parts, it’s available for me to check simply. I try to take the photo of those small sensors and electronic parts, as much as I can.

Do you know hot item number of air flow sensor? Comment me please 🙂