393503E110 SENSOR-CAMSHAFT POSITION,RH 39350-3E110 / Kia Opirus

Net weight with bubble wrap : 0.030 kg
Gross weight : 0.049kg

Its label indicates that it’s produced by Delphi E&C but it’s made in Mexico.


What is this sensor? By Google search I found the below info:

“Functions of Camshaft position (CAM) sensor:
1. To determine which cylinder is in its power stroke, while the car’s computer (for example) monitors the rotating position of the camshaft which is relative to the crankshaft position using a camshaft position (CMP) sensor. It will use this information to adjust the spark timing and the operation of the fuel injectors.
2. The CAM sensor or camshaft position sensor’s role is to signal the ECM the camshaft position. The crank and cam sensor operates in sync with eachother. The CAM sensor is frequently used in determining which injector to fire in a sequential system and for the COP or coil on-plug ignition systems coil firing event.”
(link https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-function-of-a-Camshaft-position-sensor )

The detailed photo of 39350-3E110

I think it’s imported from Delphi E&C in USA and the part is made in Mexican factory.

There is no logo except KIA, Hyundai, so I cannot get the actual manufacturer information from checking the part.
I don’t know exactly which factory is producing this part. If somebody knows, please comment me.