824503M000 MOTOR ASSY-FR P/WDW.LH 82450-3M000 / Hyundai Genesis * OEM part

Today I’d like to introduce OEM part.


Net weight with plastic package : 0.633kg
Since it’s OEM, there is no MOBIS box package.


This part in MOBIS brand also has a supplying issue in our market.
But I found it in OEM without MOBIS package.


As you see, it’s also made by Bosch. (But I’m not sure which one from 5 different corporations)

There is only Bosch logo, not Hyundai/Kia.
However, the part is perfectly matched with MOBIS genuine part and it works without any problems.
The price is about 20~30% cheaper than MOBIS.

Unfortunately t it’s not sold so many. I sell it usually for US market.