3517026910 SENSOR ASSY-THROTTLE POSITION 35170-26910 / Hyundai New Avante


Net weight (with plastic pack) : 0.030kg
Gross weight (with box) : 0.040kg

Today I upload the throttle position sensor.
The producer is Hyndai Kefico. As I explained before, it’s almost impossible to get this part from Kefico directly. And there is no Non-genuine brand for those sensors.

At that moment I took a photo, I had a similar part – OE# 35170-26900
It’s for Kia New Pride.


As you see from upside, you cannot feel any differences.

Even terminals look same


But if you see from bottom,


You understand what it’s different.

So OE part number is really really important for the people working for auto parts business.
Sometime, a customer send me a photo of part and ask me the price.
I am not able to give any price without OE part number.
I may guess the part number, but I’m not sure.

As you see the above parts, if the part number is different, it means the part is actually different.

MOST important thing is ordering the correct part number 🙂