Part name : 2435523800 (24355-23800)
Part name : OIL CONTROL VALVE ASSY 24355-23800
Application model : Hyundai i30
Net weight(with plastic pack) : 0.198kg
Gross weight(with box) : 0.234kg

Before 24. Jul. 2010, its part number was 24355-23770
Before 28. Feb. 2010, it was 24355-23763

Before yesterday, I posted about Denso Korea Automotive company.
And this oil control valve is produced by Denso


But there are more producer of oil control valves for MOBIS.

For example, as you see my first post
Some are produced by Delphi.

So you should never expect to get all kinds of oil control valves from one manufacturer. It’s quite tricky, isn’t it?