3918022600 SENSOR-CRANKSHAFT POSITION 39180-22600 / Hyundai SUPER TRUCK(4X2) 04 F/LIFT

I weighed only Gross weight (with plastic package)  : 0.055kg
Forgot to weigh without plastic pack.


I found it is for Hyundai super truck, but one of internet sellers says that it is used for Hyundai Universe, New Super Aero City bus, Aero Space, etc, as well

The manufacturer of this crank shaft sensor is Continental.

Continental auto parts에 대한 이미지 검색결과
(About Continental group, Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Continental_AG)

There is a company “Continental Automotvie Electronics LLC” in Korea.
It has been established as “Halla Electronics Co., Ltd.” in Aug. 1995,
but the company name changed – Hankook VDO Halla in 1999, since German company – Mannesmann VDO acquired shares.
Again it changed to Simens VDO Halla in 20001, as Simens VDO Automotive group was incorporated.
And finally, in 2008 it became “Continental Automotive Electronics”

I heard that many Continental parts had produced in Korea are no longer available in Korea now. Especially ABS sensors are produced in its Chinese factory. The reason was the low demands on those parts in Korea.
But some sensors are still produced in Korean factory.

Anyway, this part is supplied in MOBIS without problems, the price is higher than Continental brand, but at least we can get them in Korea.