598302L300 SENSOR ASSY-FR ABS.RH 59830-2L300 / Hyundai New Avante

Before 20th Sep. 2011 Part number was 59830-2H300 but now 59830-2H300’s class is changed as for export.

Net weight (without box and plastic package) : 0.106kg

Gross weight (with box) : 0.153kg

I always feel difficulty when I take the photo of ABS sensor. When I took the above photo from our warehouse office, it was winter time so the photos were not very great.

Anyway, I checked the part made in Korea by the label on the box.

But I cannot find more info about the manufacturer.


Only part number, Hyundai/Kia, MOBIS logo on the cable.

As I know some ABS cables are produced by Continental, and some are by Mando. If it’s a subcontractor of Mando or Continental, I cannot check the exact factory since there are many factories who work under the contract that they should keep low profile.

But no need to find OEM brand since there is less problem on supplying ABS sensors in MOBIS brand.