273012B100 COIL ASSY-IGNITION 27301-2B100 / Hyundai Avante MD

Net weight with bubble wrap : 0.199kg
Gross weight with box : 0.223kg

The label has no indication about a manufacturer, but I understood it’s produced by Yura because of the logo on the item.


YURA is the one of OE manufacturer for Hyundai MOBIS.

They produce ignition coil, spark plug, glow plug, EGTS, GRU, etc.

Company web site : http://www.yuratech.co.kr  I will post about this company next time 🙂

As I checked, the most of ignition coils are manufactured by DENSO, BERU, YURA.

In matter of course, there are subcontractors for those companies as well so it is difficult to know in which factory produce each item exactly.

If someone knows another manufacturer except above 3 companies, please leave your comment.