938102E000 SWITCH ASSY-STOP LAMP(2P) 93810-2E000 / Hyundai Trajet(XG)

Before 12th Jan. 2015
9381038000 was supplied for Hyundai EF Sonata
Now 938102E000 is supplied instead of 9381038000 Hyundai EF Sonata

Net weight without plastic and box package : 0.032kg
Net weight in plastic bag : 0.034kg
Gross weight in box : 0.041kg

This is a switch for back lamp(stop lamp)
It’s produced by INFAC, made in Korea
About company INFAC I posted previous time. You can see more detail here : https://koreapartsinfo.com/2018/11/19/infac/

You can see Logo of INFAC
It has 2 pins in terminal

Stop lamp switch is located in drive seat side.
Here one Youtuber make a video about the location :


I found the website how to replace this switch : https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/how-to-replace-your-brake-light-switch-by-spencer-cates