3935025010 SENSOR-CAMSHAFT POSITION 39350-25010 / Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Old part number was 3935025000 (for Hyundai NF Sonata)

but it became classified as export type parts.

Now only 3935025010 supplied.

Net weight with plastic package : 0.027kg

Gross weight with box : 0.044kg

The label indicate it is produced by Continental Automotive in Korea

And you can see the text on the part


I took more detailed photos

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Same producer of 3918022600

(my previous post : https://koreapartsinfo.com/2018/10/12/3918022600-sensor-crankshaft-position-hyundai-super-truck4x2-04-f-lift )

Both MOBIS and OEM are supplied in Korea without problem.