Usually I was posting about Korean auto parts news every Sunday, but it was so boring for me to do it :p, I mean there was not very hot news this week, so today I will post about TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) sensor, since I’ve seen an interesting article on freeboard :

The contents are all Korean, so I will translate it slightly.

1. Hyundai

In 2011, Hyundai Motor announced that they develop TPMS so it’s able to be produced in Korea.
Even you can find the news article at that moment :

UK Schrader claims about it, because Schrader supplied the essential part for TPMS to Hyundai, but Hyundai announced like they developed TPMS by their own technology.
Also there is the new article :

Maybe because of this issue, Hyundai decided to choose Schrader TPMS for production line.

You can find Hyundai/Kia TPMS in Shrader’s catalog (

But Hyundai chose also Continental’s TPMS sensor.
The below photo is MOBIS part 52933-A5100
At that moment the retail price of 52933-A5100 was 34,100 KRW with VAT tax.

And the below photo is Continental part

Later Hyundai started producing TPMS in Jincheon factory of MOBIS.
Guessing it’s licensed by Continental.
Since they produce it in Korea, the part number and price changed.

52993-A5100 became supplied as 52993-3N100
34,100KRW -> 19,360 KRW

And 52933-1J000 is also produced in Korea

But not all TPMS sensors are produced in Korea.
Still Hyundai is importing those sensors from overseas.
For examples : 52933-3M000, 52933-3V100, 52933-3V600 – from USA
52933-3J000 from China
2. GM Chevrolet

GM Chevrolet is importing Schrader’s TPMS sensors, Made in UK.


3. Renault Samsung

They are using Continental TPMS.


4. Ssangyong

They call TPMS as Wheel Moduel.
For example 41990-11000 , 4199A-11000
Selling company is Schrader, and manufacturing company is BERU
Beru number 65735-67

But not very sure about Ssangyong TPMS recently.


Here is Schrader’s catalog

By Beru number 65735-67, it fits Audi, any many other brand ( I cannot find Ssangyong)

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Please share with me if you have more information about Korean TPMS 🙂