463863A050 SENSOR-OIL TEMPERATURE 46386-3A050 / Hyundai NF Sonata

Old part no. 4638639050 / Hyundai EF Sonata

Net weight without any packages : 0.012kg
Gross weight without plastic package : 0.013kg

It is produced by INZI controls. Do you heard about this OE manufacturer? I found that most of buyers doesn’t know about it.  

관련 이미지
This is the logo of INZI. Company website : www.inzi.co.kr

INZI is producing auto parts mainly which related with temperature. The main item of this company is “Thermostat”.
(Post about INZI controls :  https://koreapartsinfo.com/2018/12/17/inzi-controls-corp)

And INZI item has supplying issue as well, like Kefico item.
This brand is well known in Iran and Uzbekistan. 

Some more detailed photos :