934102C000 SWITCH ASSY-LIGHTING & T/SIG  93410-2C000 / Hyundai Tuscani

Net weight with plastic pack : 0.167kg
Gross weight with box : 0.213kg


This lighting switch is produce Seoyon Electronics. 

This is the logo of Seoyon Electronics. Company web site : http://www.seoyonelec.com/

Seoyon Electronics is in Seoyon Group. Web site: http://seo-yon.com/kr/
Seoyon Group is first partner company for Hyundai/Kia. The holding company is Seoyon. It consists of 50 different subsidiaries such as : Seoyon E-Hwa Co., Ltd.( it produces bumpers, doors, etc. http://www.seoyoneh.com), Seoyon In Tech Co,. Ltd. (it produces seats, door trim, sun visor, etc.  http://www.seoyonintech.com) and Seoyon Electronics Co., Ltd.
The mother company is Seoyon E-Hwa. In 2017 its sales volume reached over USD 2123 million and net profit during the term is over USD 83 million. Seoyon E-Hwa buy the part from over 70 different second partner companies and supply to Hyundai/Kia motors.

The first founder of Seoyon is a simple salary man. His name is Yoo Heechun.
His school classmate was Jeong Seyong, who is the chairman of Hyundai Motor.
In 1977, by Mr. Jeong(the chairman of Hyundai Motor)’s suggestion, Yoo Heechun bought a Hanil E-Hwa(the name changed to Seoyon E-Hwa in 2016) and it was his start of auto part business. By Hyundai’s support, it became the first supplying company for Hyundai/Kia. 

Anyway I heard that Seoyon Group is considering to sell “Seoyon Electronics”. 

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