96183235 SENSOR A-CR/SHF POSITION / GM Daewoo Lanos

I found that 96183235is already old number.
Now 25198943 (GM Daewoo Lanos) is supplied. 
But GM supply whatever they have in stock. Even I order  25198943, they may supply  96183235 if they have it in stock.

Gross weight with plastic pack : 0.080kg
I forgot to weigh without plastic package, but I guess the net weight  is 0.079kg

As I checked the part, it is produced by Continental. But it is not made in Korea. It is manufactured in Continental Chinese factory.

Label of 96183235 SENSOR A-CR/SHF POSITION / GM Daewoo Nubira

The label has the origin information. So if you are looking for this part in OEM(Continental brand) it is not available in Korea.