MDX5066490 SWITCH ASSY-STOP LAMP(2P) MDX50-66490 / Kia Avella

Net weight : 0.032kg
Gross weight (with plastic pack) : 0.033kg

Before MDX50-66490 supplied, the below numbers were used to be supplied:
0B001-66490C / Kia Carnival
0B001-66490B / Kia Spectra
Since those numbers were categorized in export type parts, so now it’s available only MDX50-66490. 
But it has supplying issue, very difficult to get even 10 pcs.

More detailed photos:

This switch is produced by Seoyon Electronic, same as 
93410-2C000 (previous post link : )
and 93110-3S000 (previous post link : )

Kia Spectra and Avella are no longer produced in Korea, and you rarely see those models on load any more. If you come to Korea, you will see all brand-new models of cars. Very few people still keep Excel, Pride like antique.

There are 2 different Korean type. One has a car, another has no car.
The Korea who has a car, he change his car every 3-5 years.
Nobody like to fix old car, since the service center will charge you really big cost(Korean labor cost is pretty high), so it’s better to buy a new car then fix the old car.
So, where the all old cars are going? Of course, some Korea who has no car may buy the used old car. But many old cars had been exported to overseas such as Russia and Chile. Even there were expert trading used cars. (as I know, now it’s difficult to export used car to Russia since 2013, because of import duties and utilization fee. But still many Russian buy a used car through Korean web site.)
Jordanian, Egyptian, African who live in Korea receive the scrap cars in junk yard and disassemble the car for importing used parts for their country. 

Korea is too small country  and most of them have no garage for their cars. No garage culture. No DIY. Most of them are going to service center to fix/maintain their car. I think this condition also affects Korean car culture.

Additionally all car makers(like Hyundai/Kia and GM) don’t care very much about parts for those old models. Since there are tooooooo many parts, they just cut it out and stop produce for their easier management. Provably only some remaining parts are lying in someone’s warehouse. It would be great if all distributors share the stock information by computer system, but it has not been installed. I think they will not share their own information because most of Korean have a strong sense of rivalry, although there is such a system.