I saw the article on 23th of Nov at this website : http://www.mtnews.net/news/view.php?idx=4803

Status of construction of Renault Samsung Group test center

According to Daegu city’s report, about 100 people who related with Renault Samsung Motor and Intelligent Car Parts Advancement Center  have a opening ceremony for Asia-Pacific Automobile test center.

Asia-Pacific Automobile test center is located in Daegu Intelligent Car Parts Advancement Center. It is the first test center which Renault Group invested. Development and test of exporting electronic vehicle/ADAS/autonomous navigation vehicle will be conducted for having worldwide users’ trust.
This test center is established in March 2018 after signed agreement of 3 parties(Daegu city,
Intelligent Car Parts Advancement Center, Renault Samsung Motor)

I found the English article as well for more details : http://www.ajudaily.com/view/20181122162433705