964202D501 SENSOR ASSY-SPEED 96420-2D501 / Hyundai Avante XD 

Previous supplied part number was 964202D500 / Hyundai Avante XD
Before it, there were  9642037000 / Hyundai Avante XD

9642017000 / Hyundai Lavita is also changed to 964202D501.

Net weight without any packages : 0.045kg
Net weight with plastic package : 0.047kg
Gross weight with box : 0.059kg

The box label has no producer information, but you can find the sticker on this part. It’s produced by Denso Poongsung Electronics.

You can see Hyundai logo and DNPE logo. DNPE means “Denso Poongsung Electronics”

Poongsung Industrial Co,. Ltd. (established 1948) changed company name Poonsung Electric. In 2001, it changed company name again as DENSO Poongsung Electric Corp after DENSO made capital cooperation contract in 2000.
You can see detail about history in their web site: https://www.denso.com/kr/en/about-us/heritage/kr-2000s-today/
There is another website about Poongsung Group : http://poongsung.co.kr

According to the record, this part is supplied in both MOBIS brand and OEM(Poongsung). There is less supplying issue of MOBIS so people they usually choose MOBIS brand, because there is not very big difference in price.