964204A600 SENSOR ASSY-SPEED 96420-4A600 / Hyundai Trajet XG

Previous part number:
964204A600 / Hyundai Trajet XG
964204A000 / Hyundai Starex
HQ806900 / Hyundai Galloper
96420M3000 / Hyundai Santamo

Net weight with plastic pack : 0.027kg
Gross weight with box : 0.044kg

On the parts you can find the logo of Hyundai.

Kia, Hyundai logo on the part

I noticed that tt’s produced by Continental Automotive Electronics by the label on the box.

I found just now that “Continental Automotive Electronics” is in group of “Continental Automotive Systems
Regarding “Continental Automotive Systems” I posted about the manufacturer in previous post : https://koreaautopartsinfo.wordpress.com/2018/11/12/continental-automotive-system/

By checking the history of company in Saramin site(http://www.saramin.co.kr), 
Hankook Bendix (?) Electronics was founded in 1987 and became Continental Automotive Systems
Halla Electronics was founded in 1995 and became Continental Automotive Electronics,

But both are Foreign invested. I think Continental group bought both enterprises. 

Packed in plastic vinyl pack and Box

About Speed Sensor. Some people ask me about speed sensors. But I don’t know very well.
Is it related with Auto transmission parts too?
Anyone knows where it is located and what the function is?

Since there are another kinds of speed sensor, like 42620-3B611 SENSOR ASSY-SPEED. I’m sure 42620-3B611 is for auto transmissions but I’m confused about 96420-4A600 and 96420-2D501
(last post – https://koreaautopartsinfo.wordpress.com/2018/11/28/964202d501-sensor-assy-speed-hyundai-avante-xd/ )

Please share your information by reply.