273013C000 COIL ASSY-IGNITION 27301-3C000 / Hyundai NF Sonata *OEM

Net weight (without any packages) : 0.198kg
Hard to say the exact gross weight, since 2 ignition coils is packed in one carton, if it’s OEM part. Plus I did not weigh a box.

2 ea in a box

This coil is produced by BERU. (https://www.beruparts.eu/)

OEM manufacturer is BERU, made in Korea

BERU Group is a listed public company since October 1997. The company is the leading manufacturer of diesel cold start systems with an estimated worldwide market share of 40% for glow plugs.[citation needed] In the field of ignition technology for petrol engines, BERU is one of the four major manufacturers in Europe.[citation needed] BERU makes electronics for cars. The company also produces sensor technology and ignition systems for the oil and gas burner industry. Almost all OE-manufacturers of automobiles, commercial vehicles and engines are BERU’s customers. The company’s headquarters are located in Ludwigsburg, Germany. BERU has been acquired by BorgWarner.

-From Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beru_(company)

There is “BERU Korea” as well, like Denso Korea.
I couldn’t find the proper website, but B2B profile at here: http://hyunil76.kr.ecplaza.net/profile.asp

According to company history,
Hyunil Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and supplied parts to Hyundai/Daewoo. But German company BERU joint-ventured in Dec. 2000, so the company name has changed since Jan. 2001.

Because it’s difficult to buy MOBIS part, I offer more OEM – BERU or ELIM electronics part.

But I found that BERU ignition coil has different style of terminal with DENSO. You can use it as alternative if you overturn the connector and put. 
For your reference, I attach the photo

This is Denso type
And this is BERU type

Both parts have the same part number 27301-3C000
I heard that DENSO has the intellectual property on the shape of this part, the other manufacturers cannot use same design of this ignition coil so they change the terminal and shape of body slightly. 
ELIM electronics also produce this ignition coil almost same shape of BERU type and it has dark blue color. (I should take a photo but I forgot!)
I have never seen but I heard that there is 27301-3C000 in YURA brand. If anybody saw the YURA iginition coil 27301-3C000, please share with me.