351502B010 ACTUATOR ASSY-IDLE SPEED 35150-2B010 / Hyundai i30

Net weight with plastic package :  0.175kg
Gross weight with box : 0.192kg

I forgot to weight net weight without any package. I guess it would be 0.174kg since most of those plastic vinyl packs are 1g.

Photo detail:

According to its label and logo, it has been produced by Kefico.
Kefico is making many kinds of sensor and electronic parts. 
35150-2B000, 35150-23700, 35150-23900 are also produced by Kefico.

You can see logo of Hyundai, Kia, Kefico  on the part

By searching Google, there is information about ” Idle Air Control Actuator” but I don’t know if 35150-2B010 is the same actuator. 

I’m confusing if idle actuators are categorized in sensors or it’s in electronic parts.
Additionally I’m not sure if it’s right to categorize “oil control valve”and “purge control valve” as sensors.

What do you think? Please comment your opinion 🙂