3515002600 ACTUATOR ASSY-IDLE SPEED 35150-02600 / Hyundai Atoz

Net weight with plastic vinyl package : 0.193kg
Gross weight with box : 0.212

Yesterday I posted idle speed actuator which produced by Kefico.
But this actuator is produced by Bosch. 

Label indication : Manufacturer – Robert Bosch Korea

More detail photo:

There is supposed to be the part in OEM(Bosch brand)package, but I never manage to order Bosch. Actually the distributors of Bosch are not supplying it. I don’t know the exact reason. 

As I mentioned in previous blog post (https://koreaautopartsinfo.wordpress.com/2018/10/07/353102b130-injector-assy-fuel-hyundai-avante-md/)
Bosch established the office in Seoul in 1985 and it manage 5 different corporations such as Robert Bosch Korea Limited Company, Robert Bosch Korea Limited Company, Bosch Rexroth Korea Ltd., ETAS Korea Co., Ltd. and KB Wiper Systems Co., Ltd., KCW 50%.

Robert Bosch Korea’s website : https://www.bosch.co.kr/
Next time I will post about it 🙂