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Busan auto parts companies result of survey for preparation technology of electric cars and hydrogen powered cars. 4% of companies have the technology partially, and 12% – only planning, and the rest of them 84% have no any technology.
Regarding the issues for preparation technology of electric cars and hydrogen powered cars, 35% responded “absent of technology road map for new project”, 28% “lack of finance for developing technology, 20% “absent of expert”, 13% “lack of technology cooperation of original contractors”, 4% other reasons.

The above result of survey is conducted by Busan Chamber of Commerce to 100 companies in Busan.

Korean government established the policy of expanding Eco-friendly cars but the actual preparation is 0% in auto parts industries. 

After this article, I read another breaking news that President Mr. Moon will announce about measures of supporting auto parts industries for restructuring medium/small manufacturing companies. 
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But I couldn’t find the news what kinds of measures and when it will be.  Hope Korean government will support the companies indeed.