3515002500 ACTUATOR ASSY-IDLE SPEED 35150-02500 / Hyundai Atoz

Before 1st March 2009, E009T08571 had been supplied but now only 3515002500 is available

Net weight in plastic bag : 0.290kg
Gross weight in box : 0.308kg

It’s MOBIS genuine parts but it’s produced by Mitsubishi Corporation (Web site: www.mitsubishi.com) Made in Japan.  I saw this info on the label indication.
As I posted several time, some parts do not exist in Korea since they are made in overseas factories. In this case in Korea you can buy it in only MOBIS brand, no OEM.

More detailed photos:

I think I found the correct explanation about idle speed actuator here:  https://www.hella.com/techworld/uk/Technical/Sensors-and-actuators/Idle-speed-controller-3601/

The idle speed actuator is a bypass air valve. The idle speed actuator shown as an example consists of a closed cast housing with flange-mounted solenoid valve servo unit. Attached to this is a nozzle holder, which releases different air cross sections by moving the servo unit, and can therefore control the air mass flow when the throttle valve is closed.

From: www.hella.com

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