934102E000 SWITCH ASSY-LIGHTING & T/SIG  93410-2E000 / Hyundai Tucson
(Lighting and turn signal switch assembly)

Net weight (without packages and bolts) : 0.154kg
Net weight (in plastic bag with bolts) : 0.161kg
Gross weight (in box) : 0.199kg

This switch is produced by LS Automotive. Made in Korea.
Supplied with 2 screw bolts.

In plastic bag, you can find 2 bolts too

Like the other switches, it has a supplying issue on MOBIS brand. Unfortunately it has no alternative brands and LS Automotive OE products don’t exist in Korean market too.
I mean, for example Continental, Mando, INZI – you may find some. But LS Automotive and Seoyon Electronics – not at all.

The largest shareholder of LS Automotive is LS Mtron(http://www.lstractor.com/)
At 27th of July 2017 LS Mtron signed the contract with KKR(Kohlberg Kravis Roverts& Co. L.P.) for transferring business.
According to this contract, most of LS Automotive businesses(not all, but most)  have been transferred to the new company which is joint-ventured by KKR(47% stock holder) and LS Mtron(45% stock holder). 
I got this infrom from  Korearatings.com estimating document about LS automotive
PDF download link(in Korean language) : https://www.rating.co.kr/download/Ks301rDhf5eFn.BpjDQa.ap7UC1Zb0X.OvdYoJnRdes=/xUa3pXQlYVRXdLmS2QG6fQ==/6/03/tmp/report.do
And I guess LS Automotive and LS Mtron both are in LS Group (http://www.lsholdings.com/en/main/index.asp)

If someone knows the subcontractor of LS Automotive, please comment on this post 🙂