956702B000 SENSOR ASSY-ABS FR WHEEL LH 95670-2B000/ Hyundai New SantaFe
ABS Front Wheel Sensor Assembly Left Hand


Net weight(in plastic bag) : 0.076kg
Gross weight(in box) : 0.117kg

This ABS wheel sensor is quite hot item in US. Most of them are supplied stably. So it’s not a big issue even there is no alternative brand.

I couldn’t find manufacturer information in the label neither on the part. 
I guess it’s provably produced by Continental or Mando. But I heard from one of my suppliers that Continental Automotive Korea moved their ABS wheel sensor factory to China. Despite of it, I’ve seem many Continental ABS wheel sensors which are  Made in Korea in MOBIS package. 
Commend me if anyone knows the actual manufacturer of this part.

I found the function of ABS wheel sensor:

An ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) is an enhanced braking system which is commonly found in newer automobiles. An anti-lock brake sensor or ABS sensor is a type of tachometer that measures the rotational speed of a wheel and passes it to the car’s Engine Control Module (ECM). The ABS sensor is also called the wheel speed sensor or ABS brake sensor. Since all the wheels do not turn at the same speed, the ABS sensors report the speeds of all the four wheels to the ECM, based on which the ECM determines if the wheels are locking up. The application of the ABS brake is quicker than manual brakes. Due to this, when the ABS is engaged, it emits a grinding noise in some automobiles.

From: https://www.buyautoparts.com/howto/what-is-an-abs-sensor.htm