I never thought about it, but today just it came to my mind that someone may not understand the number what I write on every part information post.

That 10 digits are Hyundai/Kia’s OE part number.
All Kia and Hyundai part number is consist of 10 digit, from 5 digits means part category, behind 5 means model.
But GM has only 8 digits for their part number.
Samsung and Ssayong part number is also 10 digits, but I don’t know very well how it is made up.

In Korean auto part business field (including OE and non-genuine parts), you cannot work without knowing part number.
All distributors and whole/retail sellers work by only part number. So if some ask “I need relay for Hyundai Genesis” like this, they will ignore this inquiry. Simply impossible to buy the part without number.

But service center will assist you if you don’t know the part number. Service centers have their only program to place the order by VIN number or Engine number. They also don’t know about the part number.
Most of Korean doesn’t repair their car by themselves. If something happened on cars, everybody goes to Service center. I mean, almost no DIY market in Korea on auto parts.

But I found it’s totally different in North Korea. Even distributor and whole seller /retailer may not know the part number. Some of them who import the parts for Korea knows part number but the others don’t. They works by different standard. I was surprised to know about it. Because it’s very difficult to match the exchange of the part. There are more the trillions of parts. Why Korean works only by part number? Because the part may not fit for the car, if you find it by model, engine, etc. I don’t know how the standard maker can guarantee on it, and how they build the correct data.

If someone knows, please advice me 🙂