At 20th Dec. 2018. I read the article that Jeonbuk(We call Jeollabuk-do Province shortly as Jeonbuk) Techno Park Appointed “T&G Korea as ‘Auto parts Trial Smart Plant’.

티앤지 로고.

Logo of T&G Korea / web site :

It is one of Korean Ministry of SMEs/Startups(MSS) program supporting middle/small companies who are wishing introduction factory to overcome a crisis of auto parts industry.

Jeonbuk Techno Park is supporting the cost of constructing the united intelligent system for each type of business from developing products up to production/distribution to build Trial Smart Plant. Also it’s funding 70% of total expenses(maximum KRW 462,000,000) of purchasing the automated linked system equipment such as control unit, sensor.

T&G is a professional auto parts manufacturer for steering & suspension system. It’s supplying the parts to Korean/overseas major car factories, certified ISO9001, QS9000, ISO14001, TS16949.

티앤지 전경.
T&G company building (photo from : )

T&G will complete building Trail Smart Plant by Sep. 2019.
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But I couldn’t find English article at the moment. If someone need to know more details, please leave a comment. I will try to translate more details.

In my opinion, this supporting program is not very supportive for common middle/small auto parts companies in Korea. Most of companies need financing support program, but Korean government limits the support program only for who participate the futurity industry such as eco-friendly, smart factory, etc. But most companies is suffering the current problem – no money to pay their employees, no margin on products , lack of buyers. They cannot afford even keeping normal operation. Only stable companies(who has less problem in normal status) can plan about smart factory, eco-friendly auto parts program for future. I mean our government is supporting who actually doesn’t need support, and they don’t care about small companies who actually need supports. I think the supporting program is like a governmental investment. They know that “even a king cannot take care of all the poor in his country.”