Since there are not perfectly matched words for English word, there are some English word in Korean style. We call it “Konglish ” – Korean thinks that it’s English, but there is no that kind of word in English.

Most of stuffs which are imported suddenly after Korean war have no 100% pure Korean name. For example : Television – we call it in Korean “Tel-le-bi-zon” or “Te-le-bi”
Some words are came from Japan(since Korea was under Japan’s control politically) so still some words are pronounced very similar to Japanese.

There are many words in Konglish in auto parts as well.
Many mechanics used to call parts in wrong way and it became like professional way to call parts in site. Like Field terminology of Auto Part.
I don’t know if in USA also has same thing.

Today I’d like to share Field terminology of Auto Part in Korean language :

Name(Korean)Name(Pronounce)Acutal meaning
노아다이No-a-Da-ilower arm
삼발이Sam-bal-iclutch plate
데후De-hudifferential gear
다시방Da-shi-bangdash board
리데나Li-de-naretainer, seal
링구Ring-gupiston ring
마후라Ma-hu-ramuffler, silencer
미미Mi-miengine mount
세루모타Se-ru-mo-taself start motor, starter
쑈바Sho-bashock absorber
씨다바리Ci-da-ba-rilower part of car
앤도 볼En-do-boltie rod end ball joint
우쭈바리U-zzu-ba-riinterior, door trim
잠바 카바Zam-ba-ca-bavalve cover
찜빠Jjim-bbaengine hesitation
해또He-ddocylinder head
화케이스Hwa-casetranster case
활대Hwal-daeanti-roll bar

This information I’ve seen at never open dictionary :