Part number : 243553C200 (24355-3C200)
Application model : Hyundai Equus
Net weight (without package) : 0.189kg
Net weight (plastic pack) : 0.193kg
Gross weight (box) : 0.223kg

Oil control valve ( North American people call it VVTS : Variable Valve Timing Solenoid )
Made in Korea. There is no indication about manufacturer name.
But as I know it is produced by Delphi Powertrain Corporation in Korea (web site: ).

Like 24355-3C100
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You can see the part number and QR code. I don’t know what the other 10 digits mean
Hyundai Kia logo

More detail photos:

This part also has a MOBIS supplying issue. Almost impossible to get more than 20pcs. Unfortunately, there is no alternative parts – aftermarket brand except MOBIS. I don’t know the reason, but Delphi Powertrain is not selling it under Delphi brand. Some diesel fuel injectors and ignition coils are sold under Korea Delphi’s brand “Irae”. There is complicated history about Delphi corporation in Korea. I will post about it later.