Part number : 3916022030 (39160-22030)
Application model : Hyundai Verna
Net weight : 0.035kg
Gross weight (in plastic vinyl pack) : 0.036kg

It’s Made in Korea. But there is no indication about its manufacturer.
I guest OMRON Korea, because most of relays are produced by OMRON. Wondering why it has no its logo.

3916022030 RELAY

By collecting this relay 3916022030, I found there is different one but in same MOBIS package, same part number.

3916022030 RELAY

As you see the photo, there is text : HMC, DECO.
HMC means Hyundai Motor Company.
DECO is LS Automotive’s old brand name.

3916022030 RELAY
3916022030 RELAY

Comparing both relays:

3916022030 RELAY
3916022030 RELAY
3916022030 RELAY
3916022030 RELAY

Same specification(by checking the part number) but the material color is different.
So 2 different factories are supplying the same relay.
Some USA companies are very sensitive about the shape/form.
Even you can use it same, they consider it’s different part.
But as you see today post, if there are several factories for an item, you cannot control it. MOBIS distributors provide as they have them in stock. They send the part randomly if the same part number is indicated in the label. Package too. There are Kia package and Hyundai package and old version MOBIS package, but the part number is same. They send whatever they have, never check the package.

I hear that 3916022050 is compatible for 3916022030.
If you know about it, please leave a comment 🙂