I found the new article that inform of exchange of personal in major companies in South Korea, such as Samsung, Hyundai, SK, LG, etc. Original article in Korean language here : http://news.mk.co.kr/newsRead.php?year=2019&no=14668

Because my English skill is not enough to translate whole article,
I will check Hyundai group personnel exchange intensively.

Photo from http://news.mk.co.kr/newsRead.php?year=2019&no=14668

Jeong Uiseon : Hyundai Motor general senior vice president
3 month after he became a senior vice president, he executed exceptional personnel transfers, building his own system firmly.
The assistants for Jeong Mongu(Hyundai Motor president) has been transferred to Hyundai’s cooperative company.
The below is the detail about the personnel transfers in Hyundai Motor Group.

  • Kim Yonghwan : Vice president of Hyundai/Kia Motor → Vice president of Hyundai-Steel Co., Ltd.
  • Jeong Jinheng : Strategic planning CEO→ Vice president of Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
  • Uh Yucheol : Vice president of Hyundai-Steel Co., Ltd. → Vice president of Hyundai Rotem corp.
  • Yang Ungchol : Research and development vice president of Hyundai/Kia → Adviser
  • Kown Moonshik : Research and development headquarter vice president → Adviser
  • Chi Youngjo (He worked in Samsung as Information and Communications general executive) : Strategic technique headquarter vice CEO of Hyundai/Kia Motor → CEO
  • Albert Biermann (He worked in BMW as general manager of high performance car development) : Vehicle Performance CEO → Research and development headquarter director
  • Cho Seonghwan : Vice CEO of Hyundai AUTRON → Research and development headquarter vice director
  • Seo Boshin : Production development headquarter director of Hyundai/Kia Motor → Production and quality CEO
  • Gong Youngun : Public relations manager → Strategic planning CEO
  • Park Jeongkuk : Hyundai Kefico representative → Hyundai MOBIS CEO
  • Moon Daeheung : Hyundai Powertech CEO → Representative of Hyundai AUTRON
  • Yeo Sudong : Planning and coordination(dept.2) manager of Hyundai/Kia Motor → CEO of Hyundai Transys(Hyundai Dymos+Powertech)
  • Hwang Yuno : Vice CEO of Management Support headquarter → Hyundai Capital CEO
  • Bang Changseop : Quality headquarter director of Hyundai/Kia Motor → Representative of Hyundai Kefico
  • Lee Geonyong : Executive director of Hyundai Glovis → Representative of Hyundai Rotem corp.

Hyundai Motor Group states that this personnel transfer is to strengthen the competitiveness for future business.