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  • Company Name : Delphi Powertrain Systems Korea Ltd.
  • CEO :  N/A
  • Type of business : Manufacturing, Chemistry
  • Business contents : Manufacturing of Fuel injection system for diesel engine (nozzle, pump, injector), wholesales
  • Form of company : Foreign-invested company, external audit corporation, export/import company
  • Established dated : 22th Oct. 1977 
  • Number of Employee : 264 (N/A which year data)
  • Sales turnover : KRW 110,000,000,000 (N/A which year data)
  • Capital : KRW 3,960,000,000 (N/A which year data)
  • Business Profit : N/A
  • Representative Tel. +82-55-282-3931
  • Web site: ,  (Both are the same)
  • Address : 168, Wanam-ro, Seongsan-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

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1979. 09. Establish Fuel injector nozzle production factory
1980. 05. South Korea’s first export of fuel injector nozzle(made in Korea) to UK
1986. 01. Provide injectors to Hyundai Motor company
11. Provide injectors to Daewoo Heavy Industries & Machinery Ltd.
1989. 01. Prime minister’s Award (localization of the nozzle for 4D56 Engine)
1991. 11. Provide fuel injection pump(DPC) to Hyundai Motor company
1993. 12. Provide fuel injection pump(DPA) to LG Machinery company
1999. 01. Provide injectors to Ssangyong Motor company
12. Export fuel injection pump(DPA) to Mitsubishi Industries & Machinery Ltd.
2000. 01. Company name changed to Hankook(Korea) Delphi Diesel Co., Ltd.
2004. 09. Provide gasoline engine parts(IAFM, ETC, CVVT, OCV) to Hyundai Motor company
2006. 12. Company name changed to Delphi Powertrain System Korea Ltd.

No more company history in their website.
So I googled about Delphi powertrain.

I found the article stating that Delphi splits into 2 companies : Aptiv and Delphi technologies.
The original article in Korean language here :
And I found English article in Forbes site :

According to the above article, Delphi Automotive PLC split up Powertrain business unit.

Aptiv is consist of Electronic&Safety dept., Electrical/Electronics general system dept. Aptiv concentrates Active safety, Automatic Driving system, Upgrade user experience, software for connecting service, high technology computer platform, etc.
Aptiv CEO : Kevin P. Clark
Aptiv web site :

Delphi’s Powertrain business unit will be succeeded by “Delphi Technologies”. It focuses on high technology automotive enforcement system based on Delphi brand awareness in OEM/Aftermarket.
Delphi technologies CEO : Liam Butterworth
Delphi technologies web site :

There is another related company with Delphi.
Korea Delphi Automotive company (Kdac).
It became Erae Automotive company in 2015. I will post about this company next time.