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2019. Jan. 23th
I saw the news article about Hyundai WIA.
Original article in Korean language :

The article informs that Hyundai WIA succeeded to change a structure of automotive drive axle, which could be changed in 100 years because of its technical limitation. Hyundai WIA expect that they will reduce troubles and cost, improving ride comfort by this technical innovation.

On 22th January, Hyundai WIA announce that they developed “IDA(Integrated drive axle)”
IDA is complete assembly which combined a drive shaft and a wheel bearing. Before there are many troubles when a shaft and a wheel bearing were each part. Hyundai WIA expects the ride comfort and handling performance will be improved remarkably because IDA’s bearing part is 40% bigger.

Hyundai WIA’s IDA is the first change since 1920 – when a drive shaft was developed. Some foreign companies tried the similar way but they failed.

You can read more detailed and correct translated information here – English article:

For your reference,
Hyundai WIA is one of the OEM manufacturer mainly for Hyundai Motor, in Hyundai Group.
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