Part name : 954403X500 (95440-3X500)
Part name : FOB-SMART KEY
Application model : Hyundai Avante MD
Net weight : 0.032kg
Net weight (in plastic bag) : 0.034kg
Gross weight (in box) : 0.044kg

According to the label, It’s made in Korea, produced by Continental Automotive system.
About Continental company which is located in Korea, you can see in my post :

In the label on this key, there is a number 3X500, 163158280086.
3X500 is 5 end digits of hyundai part number. I guess another 12digits may be Continental part number. Not very sure.
If you know what it is, please leave your comment.

I got more photos of this key.

The terminal looks :

Wondering how Key Smith revise the key for each car.