I found a news article about youtube video clip made by Hyundai motor group. The original article : https://www.insight.co.kr/news/205365 dated on 18th of Jan.

Youtube video clip here :

It shows the hearing-impaired taxi driver and usual passengers’ unpleasant reaction. He is the first deaf taxi driver in Korea. Because he cannot hear the sound he drives more carefully than normal drivers. But people doesn’t trust and they say how come deaf can drive the taxi.

Hyundai Motor group made the special sensor system and the device for those hearing-impaired taxi drivers.

If a passenger says the destination, the display panel shows the name of destination to the driver.
And by LED light on the handle, the driver can be noted if he should turn right/left, and if there are emergency car behind.

To say the true, I don’t like all those major companies in Korea, but this thing touch my heart. It was very impressing for me. How do you think about this video? Please leave your comment 🙂