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Hyundai MOBIS’s Advanced infotainment system, presented in 2019 CES

Hyundai MOBIS announced that it won USD 1,700 million (KRW 1900,000,000,000) contract with overseas car makers. This amount is only on advanced essential parts.

According to Hyundai MOBIS,
the annual amount of overseas contracts :
2015 – USD 500 million (KRW 565,000,000,000)
2016 – USD 1,000 million (KRW 1,130,000,000,000)
2017 – USD 1,200 million (KRW 1,356,000,000,000)

Photo from Hyundai MOBIS

The main item of this remarkable contract is “Next-generation lateral radar (79 GHz)” supplying to North American Car maker.
“Steering wheel mounting display” and “Vehicle Smart Lamp” also attracted attention in 2019 CES.

The demands of auto parts for Electric Motor Vehicle for North America / Europe / China have been increased. Almost 60% of contract amount(USD 1,000 million) if for the electric car parts.

Hyundai MOBIS forecast that the demands of advanced technology parts (Autonomous driving and connectivity) will increase constantly so it will focus on the high value products such as electronic parts.
In overseas contract, the ratio of electronic parts has been increase :
2016 – 17%, 2017 – 30%, 2018 – 50%. The main items became ADAS(Advanced Driver Support System) and connectivity like infotainment system.

Hyundai MOBIS’s 2019 sales goal is USD 2100 million (KRW 2,370,000,000,000)