Part number : 2891022040 (28910-22040)
Application model : Hyundai EF Sonata
Net weight : 0.081kg
Gross weight (in box) : 0.091kg

Before 28th Feb. 2010,
28910-22030 (Hyundai Carens) was supplied, but now 28910-22040 is available.

Made in Korea.
Produced by INZI Controls Corp.

There is a text on the item : KONG HWA (in Korean pronunciation, Gognhwa is more similar)
Konghwa is the old name of INZI Controls Co.
About the manufacturer, you can refer to this post :
INZI Controls company web site :

More detailed photos :

I posted 2 other purge control valves previously.

But 28910-3C200 is made by Hyundai Kefico, 28910-3E100 is made by Bosch Korea.
Now another purge control vavle 28910-22040 is made by INZI.
Various manufacturers are producing for one category of auto parts.
You see how it’s complicated!