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Hyundai MOBIS introduced Hydrogen power generator system for supplying electricity to buildings by using hydrogen fuel cell module of car.

Hyundai MOBIS currently structured “Emergency Hydrogen power generator system” on its factory in Chungju, Chungcheongbukdo province.

This generator will be used as emergency power during black out and seasonal auxiliary power. The interesting point is the generator system is applied hydrogen fuel cell module for Hydrogen powered car – NEXO, which is Hyundai is producing. 5 hydrogen fuel cells arranged in a row have 450kW power generator system. It’s about 7% of whole power rating of Chungju factory.

Hyundai MOBIS says the row controller and thermal management system, UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply) have been developed separately. MOBIS will expand installation of hydrogen power system to the other facilities.
According the Ahn Byeonggi, the director of electromotion business dept. Hyundai MOBIS, states that “Automobile hydrogen fuel cell module can be applied for various business field – not only for generator system, but also ship, drone, construct equipment.”

Hyundai MOBIS began construction of 2nd factory of hydrogen fuel cells in Chungju Eco-friendly industry area in the end of last year. After completion of 2nd factory, the production capacity of hydrogen fuel cells will be increased up to 40,000 units per year in 2022, from present annual production 3,000 unit.


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