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Sales volume of used car in Korea
From http://news.donga.com/list/3/01/20190213/94096626/1

Hyundai Glovis will expand the used car whole sales network. Actually Glovis sells used cars in off-line. Now they will use online platform to increase sales. The other used car sellers afraid of invasion of major company into small company’s business.

According to Hyundai Glovis, it will add “Online sales of used cars” to article of business. It is already opened website “Auto Auction” for online whole sales platform business.

Since 2001, Hyundai Glovis has sold used cars by auction in their 3 off-line shops to used car sellers. The accumulated sales volume in Nov. 2018 is over 1,000,000 units. But it had no online platform (such as AJ Rent car, Lotte Rent car) so it has some difficulties for expanding business.

As per Hyundai Glovis staff, Gloivs started online business because of consumers’ request.