Part number : 935603B100 (93560-3B100)
Part name : SWITCH ASSY-DR
Application model : Hyundai Porter 2
Net weight : 0.013kg
Gross weight (in plastic bag) : 0.016kg

935603B100 DOOR SWITCH

Before 9th Feb. 2012, 93560-3B000 ( for Hyundai Equus)was supplied.
Now if you order 935603B000, 935603B100 will be supplied.

Made in Korea
Produced by Koreahitek.
About the manufacturer, I posted here :
Web site of Korea Hitek Co., Ltd. :

More detail photographs :

935603B100 DOOR SWITCH

Bottom of door switch. In terminal, there are 3 pins.

KH (Korea Hitek)
HMC (Hyundai Motor Company)
93560-3B100 (Part no.)

I don’t know what it means.

This site is awesome :
It shows most of auto parts locations and how to replace them.
I see the where car door switch is located by the article :

light switch located in door jamb
This is a door switch.
Photo from