Part number : 95440C1001 (95440-C1001)
Part name : FOB-SMART KEY
Application Model : Hyundai LF Sonata
Net weight (in plastic bag) : 0.030kg
Gross weight (in box) : 0.043kg

95440C1001 SMART KEY FOB

Before March 7th, 2017
95440-C1000NNA was supplied. Now 95440-C1001 is available.

It’s made in Korea
Produced by DENSO – Denso Korea Electronics Corporation.
I posted about Denso Korea here :
By google, I found some results about “Denso Korea Electronics Corporation” but the links are not connected anymore.
You can refer to the below for more details about Denso business in Korea:

On the key there are texts, indicating :
95440-C1001 (This is Hyundai OE Part number)
LFB1 / 42000-00121 (I don’t know what the number is for)
Also there are serial numbers. Do you know what the serial number is used for? Please comment me if you know.

As usual, there is no key blade inside. So they call it “Smart key Fob”

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