Part number : 972354D000 (97235-4D000)
Application model : Kia Sedona
Net weight (in plastic bag) : 0.097kg
Gross weight (in box) : 0.116kg

Made in Korea
Produced by Hanon System
(About manufacturer, you can refer to the post here :
Website of Hanon System :

There is Kia package and Hyundai package as well.

It’s packed in plastic vinyl bag, and then box. There is no additional buffer material.

More detailed photos:

But there is no Hyundai/Kia or HCC(HVCC)/Hanon logo.

I tried to find information about power transistor, since it’s quite fast moving item to USA. But I failed to search the function of this kind of transistor. Google showed me a lot of other transistors. If you know correct key ward to check this out, please comment me.

By the way, I found only below image to understand where the location of power transistor.