Hyundai Transys Chennai factory
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Original news article dated 20th of Feb. 2019 :

Hyundai Transys will establish 2nd factory in Chennai, India
(Hyundai Transys is new merged corporation of Hyundai Dymos and Hyundai Powertek. I have posted about it previous time.
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It’s for supplying “transmissions” to Kia car factory in India which will be operated from August 2019.
The 2nd factory location is nearby Kia car factory in Anantapur. It
It’s the first project for Hyundai Transys after its merger, and it’s the second production line in India.
The 1st factory is for supplying car seats next to Kia car Chennai factory.

The volume of investment of Hyundai Transys for 2nd factory is not confirmed, but we can guess it’s about hundreds millions, because annual production of Kia Anantapur factory is 300,000 units.

Additionally Hyundai Transys will produce auto transmissions as well as manual transmissions, dual clutch transmission, continuously variable transmission. All those transmissions will be provided to Kia car factory in India.

From the beginning Hyundai Transys successfully produced transmission for 5 and 6 speeds. It will expand the production line slowly.
6 speed manual transmission is installed in Kia Rio, K3, Hyundai Verna, Elantra. 5 speed manual transmission for Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto(Morning, in Korean market), Kia Stonic.

Hyundai Transys is supplying 7 speed DCT(Dual Clutch Transmission) to Hyundai for model such as Sonata and i20,
and 6 speed HEV(Hybrid) DCT for Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Niro.
So we can expect Hyundai Transys may provide transmission for luxury/electric car model, which will be assembled in Hyundai/Kia Indian factory.

Hyundai Transys is producing transmissions for 6,320,000 cars, car seats – for 4,300,000 cars annually. Its sales goal is KRW 12 trillion(it’s about USD 1 billion ) by 2022.